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was condemning Those people threats before (as greatest I could, by drawing interest to them on my weblog) — but couple persons were being joining me in my condemnation.

A promotional Photograph through the mock-docmentary movie “Demise of the President,” displaying Bush currently being killed. It is possible to observe a brief clip with the movie’s assassination sequence here on YouTube.

#142 John Thanks! Happy you are able to respect the location Although you've another political viewpoint.

I’m not expressing it’s a great thing to threaten our presidents’ life possibly, I don’t treatment what their shade is or the things they stand for, they’re still our president.

I think, Dave, it probably has more to carry out with Lincoln and JFK just being extra well-known presidents. We are able to all identify quite a few of their achievements, but who could do precisely the same for Garfield or McKinley?

“Zombie, with regards to the “1 down, TWO to Go!” poster, it’s Obviously a reference to the Spanish election held a few days before that Picture was shot.

Even with moderates and independents having plan situation Along with the Dems and Obama they will never vote the extremist into electricity.

Bursey was originally arrested with a trumped up trespassing charge, but once the authorities understood that wouldn’t stick due to the fact he was standing on a public Avenue, they then billed him with refusing to leave a “restricted area” (even though hundreds of pro-Bush men and women had been there).

To begin with, possibly the authorities are more stringent since they've got figured out from the prior administration how serious death threats could be; experienced it been within the converse get, then Possibly Bush threats would have been taken a lot more severely. On top of that, race does Engage in a job regrettably. Before these robust protests even came out, people ended up muttering with regards to the posibility of him currently being assasinated. Needless to say the secret support will likely be far more warn, due to the fact There may be supposedly more at stake or maybe more causes for him to get harmed, than Bush did. I'm not justifying that, but it surely is unquestionably a notion folks have. Even though not all the violent sentiments towards Obama have not been expressed in posters, They are really current elsewhere. I’ve fulfilled and seen quite a few persons both of those out in life and online, so livid towards Obama that they've got started to not a great deal focus on his insurance policies, but as him as somebody. Not All people, but a large share of ignorant very easily swayed persons are heading outside of criticizing his steps, and easily degrading on him being an indivdual.

You have to admire a political group (liberals) that may drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima at some point, and turn about and mention how my review here bloodthirsty and violent suitable wingers are the following day.

In case you are an Obama supporter who understands of any other examples of Loss of life threats to Obama at protests which were dismissed, then you should post them in the feedback area below and I'll add them in this article if they qualify.

No, you stopped studying as you’re inattentive and have reading comprehension challenges. Did you even hassle to truly browse the url? It states:

everyone recognize how the url to The us code where he claims threatening a president is illegal only cites mailing a letter that threatens the lifetime of a president?

So now when just one protester reveals up at an anti-Obama rally displaying a Dying threat, he is immediately pounced upon because of the media and the Secret Provider. While in the past when protesters through the dozen threatened Bush, the media turned a blind eye, as well as threateners got off scot-free of charge.

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